A friend of my grandmother lives in a retirement home, just a bit outside the city center of Eindhoven. She grew up in Schiedam, below Rotterdam. There she did the domestic science school, and end up working as a coupeuse. While working she met her husband and a few years later she moved to Heerlen, because her husband took a job there. In Heerlen she gave birth of her second child and the oldest was 3 they went back to Eindhoven, again because of work. There they had 2 more boys, bringing the total to a family of 7. She stayed in Eindhoven for the rest of her life.



Together With her old age came Parkinson. Because of Parkinsonā€˜s disease, her hands got stiff. She had the feeling that her hands needed to constantly grab objects so as to prevent them from getting stiff, and the main thing she keeps grabbing are were her sheets. I wanted to translate this need for grabbing objects into a journey through different tactile qualities and textures that help people with Parkinson to live through their old age in a more convenient/comfortable way.


# T H E R A P Y